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What's it like to live in community? Mim speaks to people living in four different models of communal homes. From the Bruderhof Christian community to those in Britain's last remaining naturist community.


I wanted to teach the inmates about female empowerment. Instead, they overturned my views on everything from sex work to marriage


Mim writes about the experience of motherhood in a communal home and meets those whose communal homes are helping them through life changes, rising costs and mental health struggles.


A conversation about discarded pastries led to the bin dive that made me a food waste evangelist. During the pandemic, the company I now run distributed 90,000 meals to those who needed them.


Pregnant women in jail are revered by other inmates – but the question of what will happen to the child is never far away.


When Mim Skinner lost both her parents before she turned thirty, her and her sisters were left to find a new normal.


'It's a relief when you first get given a house, but then the door shuts and you're alone.'


Thanks to a flourishing ADHD positivity movement, women like me who once hid their neurodivergence are finding ways to celebrate it.


A series of new developments are dragging communalism out of the fringes. But can you really put a price on community?

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